The 5 Kinds of Laptop Owners - Sticker edition

31st March 2020 · 3 minutes to read

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Disclaimer: This post is just for laughs 💕

As software engineers, the machines we write code on becomes an extension of our identity. Whilst with desktop machines there are many ways to make your setup unique, with laptops, your options are a little more limited. And that is why many developers turn to stickers to make their machines unique. Here are the 5 Kinds of Laptop Owners - Sticker edition:

1. The #NoStickers club

Laptop without stickers

This person has no stickers on their laptop.

This person is either:

2. The Minimalist

Laptop with only a few stickers, one covering the logo

This person has only a few stickers on their laptop, typically one sticker covering the logo.

This person either:

3. The Classic Laptop Owner

Laptop with stickers evenly spaced and not overlapping

This person has a laptop with the standard number of stickers on it. The stickers do not overlap, and have been curated over time.

This person either:

4. The Overlapping Stickerer

Laptop with overlapping stickers

The great debate - what do you do when you run out of room for new stickers? Do you stop sticking stickers on your laptop, your masterpiece complete? Or do you start overlapping the stickers 😱.

This person either:

Either way, you can tell this person’s history through the layers of stickers, like the layers of an ancient archaeological excavation site.

5. The One with the Laptop Stickers INSIDE their Laptop

Harry Potter sticker next to touchpad

You thought we were done? You are so wrong… there is one more type of laptop owner, and this is the strangest one of them all… The One with the Laptop Stickers inside their Laptop. These people are a rare breed, but they do exist.

This person either:

So the question is… What kind of laptop owner are you? 😄

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